Friday, May 30, 2014

vintage inspiration

Much like my youtube made me buy it post, although beauty items are much more accessible. Often after seeing pictures of how vintage items are styled/used I instantly add them to my thrift list. Here is a look at few inspirational shots from around the web and instagram that have been bad influences...
vintage frames: I have always wanted to wear vintage frame but I am just too cheap to take a chance and buy some online so when ever I see a pair on a blog I drool. These two pairs and absolute perfection in my books. First pair via vintage vandalizam and the second from @ooohcaitlin

anything embroidered: This bunting diy found via janesapron pintrest page, re-ignited my search to own embroidered linens. I have seen a few pieces while thrifting lately but had been passing on them. Now I wish I hadn't isn't that always the case! I found some pillow cases but I will be keeping an eye out for more.
basket purses: I always liked these but passed on them when I saw them at the thrift pretty little fawn posted this pic a few weeks back and now I kinda want one. If only to carry picnic items in...

Anyone else do the same thing?


  1. I too have held off on buying vintage frames. In part because I'd have to find a pair that I was certain was nickel-free (I'm woefully allergic) and in part because I know that I have a somewhat hard to fit face/head (it's some what small for an adult if we go off of modern eyeglass frame measurements) and so I'd likely only ever do so if I could try them on in person first (and also that I was sure I could find a local optometrist who could put my prescription lenses into them).

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. ALL the time...Pintrest is the WORST for this in my books. Makes me want

    Hope you're well! I've been super busy with work the past two weeks. It should slow down once the show opens next Thursday *crossing my fingers*