Wednesday, May 21, 2014

vintage snapshots: exchange uporium

I made my way down the new Exchange Uporium, a pop-up shop in the exchange now open until September 20th. and was not disappointed! It is filled with vignettes from local designers, artist and etsy sellers. There are 3 large rooms and a wide variety items to choose from. *side note* I should have taken a picture of the macaron shaped bath bombs, if only I took baths...I also fell in love with the good intentions baking company set-up, it offered yummy baking and vintage kitchen wares. Everything was set up so nice in here it is really well done, I can't say that enough.
cutest bathroom art ever by real swanky (link below)
Caitlin from real swanky provided the embroidery work for the bathroom she also did a great round-up of the grand opening on her blog. I didn't bring anything home with me this time but will be back, some of my favorite local vintage sellers have shops open here. I won't be able to stay away from the temptation.
I couldn't help but pop into Value Village while I was in the Polo Park area. Normally the Ellice location is not my favorite but this week I came home with a few impulse vintage pieces. I came in looking for some affordable rhinestone earrings and found some in a lovely leaf shape.
The enameled brooch set was an impulse it is not my style but I can't resist a good price for a quality vintage piece. I may put it up in my shop or re-purpose them...
Seeing as a bake all the time I should really get in the habit of wearing cute aprons while I do so. This yellow apron was lovingly made and of course I think it will make my dinners taste better.


  1. Ah yes vintage shopping can be so much fun. I do not do too much of it myself. My friend has a rocka billy barber shop and he has a bunch of really cool vintage pieces for sale there, like a curling iron from the early 1950s.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. I've got a post planned about the pop up shop, but I don't think I have enough photos...I may have to go back. ;)


    1. I am thinking next weekend I will be popping back into the Uporium I always need a second look at things. Can't wait to see your post!

  3. I was supposed to sell there, I'm so sad I didn't have time this year! I would really love to go check it out, it looks awesome :)