Tuesday, May 20, 2014

youtube made me buy it...beauty reviews

Never underestimate the power of a beauty review. Usually I am pretty good at not being swayed by others opinions but there are a few times where I will see a product featured and go out and get it. I am a sucker for British beauty bloggers and I have a few bad influences that have definitely played a part in me purchasing the above items. Here is my take on what was a hit, a miss and just meh.

the hits!
the body shop camomile silky cleansing oil: kate from ghostparties has raved about this many times and this post was recently posted after I already purchased it and I now see why it gets so many posts from her.
This is meant to be a make-up remover or pre-cleanse in a double cleanse routine. With hopefully some heat heading our way I know my make-up after a long day at work feels melted into my skin and I want to wash my face many times I figured this would be good at helping that feeling. First off it smells amazing and it really light on the skin despite it being an oil it washes off with water so easily and your skin if left baby soft. All my make-up feels to be removed and my cleanser is left with a clean canvas to do it's job. It is new to me but already and instant fave.

the mehs...
the body shop lip line fixer: the style spy is to blame for putting this in a round-up I was already looking for a clear lip liner but could only find ones that were available in the states or were to expensive/ I didn't like them when I saw them. I picked this up and I don't know if mine is bad but it doesn't seem to do anything it drags on my lips and red lipstick still bleeds on me. I was thinking this was going to be the best thing since sliced bread it has rave reviews everywhere just not from me...

the body shop honey bronzer: essie from essie button raves about this all the time and I have watched many a videos where girls contour and look amazing so I figured it was something I needed to try my hands at. There isn't really anything wrong with this bronzer it is super cute and great for pale skinned girls. I just never got the hang of contouring I keep it in my drawer and every so often I will see it in a video whip it out and quickly put it back in the drawer it is not something I can work in my morning routine.Youtube always make me think I can do my make-up better than I actually can this bronzer is my big reminder...

the misses.
revlon colourburst matte balm in elusive: kate from ghostparties posted this in a round-up it looked like the nicest color ever and I was looking for a neutral pink. First all I have banned myself from matte products I really don't like how they feel on my lips nor how they look! This color is so nice on the back of your hand but I found it to look chalky and pasty on my lips. I cannot seeing myself wearing this out of the house let alone keeping it for much longer total bust for me.

dove refresh + care dry shampoo: essie and kate have both raved about this in monthly favorites videos (can't find the exact links) so I tried it since I used dry shampoo every other day. For me I find this to be very sticky in the hair and does not help with oil control. I have used it to add texture to my hair when doing up do's and it works well for that but does leave your hair very static so an up do's is all it is good for... I can't see myself finishing the can.

anyone else ever bought something you saw online in a blog or video?


  1. that revlon matte balm was a total miss for me too!! totally made my lips dry :(

    Animated Confessions

  2. Not sure if Youtube has spurred on any purchases yet (to be fair, I tend to mostly just watch vintage related, music, and TED talk videos there though), but plenty of blogs have. Perfect case in point. On the blog Atomic Redhead, run by fellow vintage gal Janey, I saw a gorgeous vintage copper belt that made me yearn for one of my own, so I trolled eBay for a couple of months before one popped up in my size and price range. It's now one of my very favourite - and most unique - vintage accessories (in fact, I just wore it this past Sunday as part of my outfit to go watch a rodeo).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your caring support and words of encouragement today from someone who knows what it's like to be an Etsy seller firsthand. ♥

    1. No problem Jessica:) I often yearn for vintage items as well usually after seeing them on instagram. I add hunting for them on my ever growing thrift list.

  3. Too bad about the Dove dry shampoo..I was hoping that turned out for you when I saw the pic in my reader. I buy the Dove frizz-proof cream serum to tame my hair the day I wash it and I love it! The smell is great and it's a bargain at under $5.

    There was something I was thinking about buying the other day that I saw a review for on YouTube, but now I've forgotten what it was...I guess it didn't work THAT well..lol!


    1. I just recently got myself the Dove anti-frizz hair cream I am not giving up on Dove just yet. Dry shampoos are such a hard product to love I don't know why I try new ones out.