Monday, June 23, 2014

gushing on glasbake

my tiny collection
I have somewhat good luck after I post about my vintage inspiration in finding a piece of two at the thrift store so today is all about Glasbake!
I do like pyrex but I only seem to really like the cake pans and refrigerator boxes. I am not a cinderella bowl girl... Glasbake was manufactured around the time frame and was trying to be a pryrex competitor. They don't have the nicest patterns but the solid colors they do are perfection. I only own a few pieces all thrifted but I would love to own more.
On my list are more square soup mugs ooh the colors and the shapes kill me, I could certainly use a few yellow ones.
Glasbake also makes a "blueberry" print and it is just so charming! I hope if I ever come across this print the pan is not in dire condition. I have seen two pink pyrex cake pans lately that were just too stained to even try and take home and clean...

The cups can be bought here (coughs I am thinking about these..) and the casserole dish here.

Anybody else love Glasbake?


  1. I've never heard of Glasbake until now. I always look fondly on pyrex and what I now know to be Glasbake at the thrift store, but never buy it because my kitchen is so full and I need another collection?! lol


    1. I am surprised how "good" I have been with pryex. I like my kitchen items but holding out for my holy grail items has kept my cabinet from getting too full!

  2. i've seen something similar from rhymes with orange in the exchange. have you checked their housewares? (this was last winter though, so they may have something different by now..)

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    1. Thanks @libys11 I quite like the housewares selection at Rhymes with Orange. Last time I was in they didn't have anything I was looking for:(

  3. That blueberry casserole style dish is super pretty! I'm crushing hard on it now, too. I'd especially like to find one for my mom actually, as she grew up picking blueberries on her aunt and uncle's farm during the summer and has collected blueberry themed items here and there ever since in a nod to those fond memories of her youth. Fingers crossed that I find some of these great berry print mid-centuries gems one day, too.

    ♥ Jessica