Friday, June 27, 2014

it's whats on the inside that counts

Here is a little vintage show and tell of a few of my favorite vintage tags. I will admit sometimes I am swayed to purchase items because of the tag. For the above purse I was 100% swayed by the tag I already owned an almost exact doppelganger for this purse but the Winnipeg address made me take it home. I have since sold it since I came to my senses and don't need two purses the same but I know this will happen again...

This one I am trying to do some research on to find out when it was made the picture isn't clear. It is marked made is Western Germany for Hudson Bay and is "cotton chief value" I feel that it is a pre-war piece and could possibly be one of the oldest things I have thrifted. Prices at the thrift store kill me sometime this was $3.99 I will pay that any day.

If anybody knows their Hudson Bay history be sure to let me know when they made items in Germany.
Anybody else fall in love with the inside of an item?


  1. I am always falling for the tags inside items. Especially if they were made in Winnipeg.

    That Hudson's Bay purse is SOOO AMAZING! *LOOVE IT!!*


  2. The second purse is abslutely lovely :3 I'm guessing it was made sometime during the Cold War, because that's when Germany was divided into East and Western Germany :3 Western Germany was the part that wasn't controlled by Russia and had a capitalist marked, which explains the fancy look of the purse.

    1. Thank you so much Margaret that makes a lot of sense! It may not be as old as I though for some reason I was thinking it was early 1940's but it could be from the 50's now.