Wednesday, June 25, 2014

thrift finds for june

I always try to thrift yellow but normally I can't find much. Sticking to my guns and only buying pyrex if it is yellow worked out this month. I was able to find a lovely large 4qt bowl in perfect condition and a large refrigerator dish, which I am hoping to use as a brownie pan.
I will admit I don't love the basket purse it is an odd shape (a perfect circle) so I am using it as storage and will keep an eye out for more pieces it wasn't quite what I wanted, that happens when you thrift.
After nearly 10 years of thrifting I finally found a tooled leather piece that I adored. It is very soft and the perfect shoulder length. The only huge downfall is it is musty! I have sprayed it, wrapped it in newspaper and stuck baking soda in it with no luck. I am hoping for a very sunny warm and windy day to let it try freshen up a bit.
Anybody else have any tips of how to freshen up old leather? it is quite strong....
Overall not a bad month.


  1. that leather bag is precious!!! that's a great find!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I've read that you can get musty, mildew smells out of leather with a 1 part alcohol 1 part distilled water spray OR with enzyme cleaner spray - the kind you buy at a pet store for animal accidents.

    I hope you can get the smell out!