Monday, June 2, 2014

thrift finds for May

Garage sales:
I actually don't have good luck at garage sales I don't really know why I go last year I didn't find a thing. This month with them slowly getting into full swing I found a simple milk glass loaf pan for $0.25. It isn't holy grail but functional I baked banana bread the same day I bought it. It was nice to bake in a proper pan and not something from the dollar store. I will be keeping an eye out for more glass bakeware, hopefully for cheap.
For the month of May I got more in the habit of posting my finds on instagram.(@daphnelynnd) I was happy to find a few more plastic doilies in new to me shapes and patterns, and my new pillow cases look great on my bed.
I haven't used my apron I have a feeling it will just look good hanging up. I converted and have already worn the rhinestone earrings and I listed the enameled set in my etsy shop.
Overall I spent about $15 plus tax this month at the thrift not too bad in my books. Can't wait to see what June will bring.
Anybody else have good thrifting luck last month?


  1. What a coincidence -- I just posted today about garage sales. I normally go to thrift-stores but stumbled upon a dozen garage sales while walking around my neighborhood.

    Nice blog! I found you through Lisa's blog.