Wednesday, July 2, 2014

etsy lessons

The newest items in my shop
In a couple of days I will have had my etsy shop open for a whole year! I will be closing the year off with 18 sales which is not a butt load by any means but I also never stocked my shop with more than 14 items at a time so I think that is a pretty good percentage of sold items.
I started my shop mainly for spending money I would say I haven't actually made any money off of it. I have put 100% of the funds back into other etsy shops which I don't mind at all!
Along the way I have learned what type of items sell and what doesn't. I will be able to use what I have learned to possibly start picking more items for my shop. I am stilllllll stocking my shop with items from my collection...
Here are a few tidbits I have learned from selling online.

what sells?
Etsy lets you list your items for 4 months with your $0.20 listing fee. I have found most items will sell in that time frame anything I had high hope for finding a new home and re-listing did not sell the second time around so from now on won't re list items but donate, hold giveways or save for crafting. I have an unsold enameled brooch that is begging to be made into a bow for a gift. 

Give everything a try at being sold it only cost $0.20 to try. I have listed items I wasn't 100% sure anyone would want and those items sold very quick some even within a few hours. I often look at what has sold on other shops to get an idea of what others buy. I have a few things if I find at the thrift I will get since I know they sell in other shops.

I know my prices are pretty low. I prefer to sell things at above thrift store price but not full vintage retail but somewhere in the middle. Most items I have purchased for myself and I have gotten use out of them so what I get back from them just has to fund a new thrift trip. If I decide to start picking items and have more of an overhead I will have to change how I price items so I come out ahead.

Has been okay no real mishaps, shipping international isn't that scary prices do vary even with the shipping quotes and is never predictable I have not lost any $$ as far as shipping costs are concerned which is great.
Edit: I won't sell glass in my shop I tried my luck with one item and it got broke in shipment I had to refund the money and a beautiful piece got broken!

reviews and keeping in touch...
Etsy is a business transaction and not you sending presents to your friend. At first I though everyone would leave a review but few do. I also hoped to get a message saying when they received my items so I could rest easy but no, no lovely messages come your way. I have one person who followed the community spirit I had envisioned other sales just ended at the post office. I know this now.

Overall I have enjoyed the experience and I hope to grow with my photography and I am loving passing on vintage items to other parts of the world shout out to Denmark and Japan!

If you are thinking about opening a shop you can use this link and it will give you 40 free listing!


  1. This is a great post! I'm thinking of opening a shop again. We'll see what happens...


  2. Wonderful, and very relevant (to me personally, I mean), post. I too am finding myself constantly very intrigued to see what sells and what doesn't, as well as to see what items folks purchase at same time when they buy more than one listing from me. I always wonder what will sell next and love the thrill of seeing a new sale arrive so that, for the moment at least, that question can be answered.

    I wish you lots of success in your second year of Etsy selling, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica