Monday, July 21, 2014

last week in vintage

Last weekend was my sisters birthday so it was a great excuse to use some vintage wrapping paper. Sadly my sister was not worthy of me cutting up the pink kitty paper, ha ha. I used this bow template and it is so pretty and fairly easy to do. Card stock was a bit hard to work with so I would recommend thick gift wrap if you are going to try it out.
from the Goodwill not the Ruby Slipper
Lisa from Butterflies and Daisies Vintage invited me to join her to the Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe. I had such fond memories of that shop when it used to be in the West End. I had not been to the new location on St. Anne so I was more than happy to join her. Sadly the Ruby Slipper is not what I hoped for it barely has any vintage now, mostly newer consignment. The store was it's usual "you have to dig and climb over stuff" self but it just wasn't fun. I came home empty handed from that store.
Me and Lisa went to a few Goodwill stores where she gave me the extra push to purchase the above dress. I had tried it on a few times already but didn't want to buy a dress I am pretty darn sure I won't wear. I love it but can't button up the back buttons I do try not to buy things I can't dress myself in, but I did...It does look fabulous in my closet though!
ooooh shabby chic
I am planning a mini summer dinner party and that is always a very good or very bad excuse to go thrifting. I went to a few shops I never usaully go to see if I would have any luck finding cute dishes and a tablecloth. As you can see I managed to find a table cloth and napkin set still in the original box. The staples rusted the fabric but I think it will be okay. It is a lot more girly that I wanted but it should be cute.
chilli bowls: I am either going to make chicken pot pies or mini *coughs* kinda big coffee pudding pies in these ...I have a thing for handles these were pretty cheap so I needed to get them.
milk glass pitcher: I had this item on an inspiration board so I had to pretty much pick it up when I saw it in the store. The only downside is that I PAID for it. The store had this at full vintage retail which is okay if it is mint but there was a marker scuff on it which I am pretty sure they though would wash off except it didn't. I have used nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol and baking soda to no avail. I will be using it as storage I just wish I didn't have to pay so much for it.

I also picked out a few items for my etsy shop which I am not sure if I will continue to do so it still seems kinda weird to buy vintage not for myself but to sell. I have a feeling I will buy pieces I like and sell the ones I don't wear and keep my shop on the smaller side. We'll see if what I picked out sells I may go back to picking but just not for now.


  1. oohh.. your dress looks magnificent!!! great color and style!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Love your classic milk glass finds. I'm a big, big milk glass fan myself, too (including vintage milk glass jewelry). I don't have a huge collection, but that I do have definitely gets used and appreciated.

    ♥ Jessica

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