Wednesday, July 16, 2014

show and tell: vintage greeting cards

I love it when people date things!
I was at Value Village a few weeks back looking for cheap paper to use as wrapping for my etsy shop when I spotted some vintage elements sticking our from a grab bag of cards. The bag was mostly 1990's cards but oddly stuffed in between was what looked like a pile of 1920's to 1940's greeting cards. I decided to try my luck on the bag and couldn't wait to get home and see what they were. In fact there were roughly 20 beyond vintage cards in there. Sadly most of them were to a wife from a husband and vise versa (I have no personal need for those) so I listed them for sale in my etsy shop. Here is a closer look a few of my favorites.

 This one is so pretty it is made of parchment and the ribbon still in tact! It would be lovely just to frame.
This is cute, it is a little flip book comic card even back then "husbands" were known not to do chores it gets funnier I just liked the knitting and the kitty in this picture. I will leave the cute story for the person who buys it to discover.
This one is printed from a printing company but looks to be hand colored. I seem to like the little comics they liked to place in vintage cards.

I did keep some for myself although I may list a few more. I always think I am going to frame my vintage cards but have never get around to it so we will see. I just like saving vintage items from random grab bags at the thrift store more than anything.


  1. I have a small handful of vintage valentines framed. I just bought dollar store frames and placed the cards in behind glass with a neutral background. Easy and inexpensive. They look great all hung together.


    1. I have two food related 50's valentines that I mean to frame for the kitchen. I think it would be so cute. Would love to see what you did with yours.

  2. Wow!!! (And yes, I swear, I just said that aloud!) What an awesome VV find. I usually check the bags of mixed paper lots in the hopes of similar finds but nearly always come up empty handed. What a stellar surprise it must have been for you to find these vintage treasures amongst the 90s greeting cards.

    ♥ Jessica