Wednesday, July 30, 2014

vintage, thrift and eclectic Winnipeg style blogs

I am always on the fence about my personal style I only own vintage purses, necklaces and earrings but feel I could be more daring with my style. Here is a look at some local lovelies that post about their style and all have aspects that inspire me.
Winnipeg Style
Rebecca runs a personal styling company in the city and also posts her fabulous outfits on her blog. For some reason I can't leave comments on her posts (problem fixed my comp was on the fritz) I love her color blocking and very bold style. She mixes new, thrifted and vintage.

Style Hunter Fox
Monique is also a personal stylist in the city with a love for vintage and thrift. Her lastest blog post features
her thrift tips and her instagram (@stylehunterfox) showcases many local vintage spots like the vintage room in the exchange umporium.

Butterflies and Daisies Vintage
If you read my blog you know I love Lisa's style. The above pictures are older but I really like her fall/winter style with the layers and darker color palette. We shop at the same haunts and I could very well often wear the same things as her but I seem to leave those treasures behind at the thrift store for her to discover! If you don't follow Lisa you should:)

Oh So Lovely Vintage
Is run by two pals who run the local vintage store Rhymes with Orange. Although their blog has been lacking vintage content for awhile (mostly pins from pintrest) when they do post original vintage content it is so good! The above picture is from Steph's intagram account and her kitchen is to die for, that is 100% a dream kitchen in my books.

Those are just a few of the many local blogs here is Winnipeg (more located on my sidebar) Sybil from Animated Confessions is a doll as well, thanks for all your lovely comments:)


  1. thanks for the shoutout dear, i follow all of these bloggers!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Oh the Winnipeg Style blog is great, I am one of her followers. And that kitchen is too cute!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Fantastic post!!! I adore it when bloggers shine the spotlight on others in their own city (and/or province/country). I was/am already following all but one of these great sites, which is new to me, and will be adding Style Hunter Fox to my feeds on the double. Thanks for the lovely introduction!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. That is so sweet to have a local feature and for you to include me in it! Oh So Lovely Vintage is fabulous and Rhymes with Orange is an amazing shop! Love it there! I am not quite sure why you cannot comment on my blog as I didn't know there was a problem with my comments section. You can email me and let me know what the issue is @

    Love your blog! :)