Sunday, July 6, 2014

what do you keep?

I have been cleaning again and I decided to pretty much clear out my brooch jar. I LOVE brooches and I will like any picture on instagram and comment on any blog if there is a lovely brooch but I have found I don't get in the habit of wearing them all too often. So I listed them for sale. I always find it interested to see what people keep so here is my reasoning for keeping the few that I did...
For the above brooches some I have had for years while other are newer to me I just never wore them. I had the hardest time with the butterfly and the feathers but I know it was time to pass them on.

What I kept: yes only 4
I love birds so I had to keep these I found them both at flea markets and although I don't wear them too much because I love them they won't be for sale anytime soon.
The rhinestone collar clips were thrifted and I have yet to wear them. I did photograph them to be listed but changed my mind since I need a little bling. I don't currently own a blazer with a good lapel but one day...
The last delphite blue brooch was thrifted and I have also never worn it is just so pretty, the circle shape makes it a bit weird to place.
Yes seeing as I don't wear brooches all too often I kept ones I don't wear, how about that!

This is how I have been packaging the brooches for sale in my shop. I want to keep s/h down for the buyers so I have opted not to package them in boxes so that they can go letter mail. I have been wrapping them in bubble wrap then a vintage hankie, tied with a quirky handmade gift tag, and then again into a gift bag.

My questions to others is do you expect a gift box when you order online? I have never gotten feedback from any buyers about my packaging so I don't know if it is good or bad. Would you pay more for a box?


  1. I'd rather pay less and not have a box. But that's just me...

    I love that we both have bird brooches on a chain. Mine are lucite. :)


  2. Super cute brooches! I have a couple vintage brooches that I picked up from Rhymes With Orange. I wear them occasionally, with certain sweaters I have. I've worn them enough to get some use out of them for what I paid for them, so I think that's what counts. :)

    I think packaging them in the bubble envelopes is perfect - I mean, if they are protected from damage and it costs less for customers then that's the way to go! I've received orders from companies in large bubble envelopes/packages, and they were items I thought they would have put in a box. But all my items made it to me fine and the bonus was that since the big envelope fit in my little mailbox (I live in a condo) then I didn't have to go to the post office to pick it up. :)

  3. I'm with Lisa, (from a buyer's perspective) skipping the box and paying less always wins in my books unless a piece is very fragile/delicate and apt to get damaged en route without one.

    Is the pipe brooch in the first picture going to be for sale, dear gal? I'd be interested in both it and the lovely arrow one, if it/they are.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Just checked out the shop and see the arrow there. I'll wait to hear from you about the pipe (did someone else beat me to it?) before ordering.

      Thanks, lovely lady!
      ♥ Jessica

    2. Me again - thought to check the sold orders and see that someone else got to it first. Rats for me, good for them! :)

      Okay, off to place my order then. Thank you for sharing these beauties from your collection with us on Etsy.

      ♥ Jessica

    3. Ahh yes the pipe brooch was what was wrapped up on my instragram account. I guess a couple people had been keeping an eye out for it! I never wore it so I am glad it is finding a new home:)
      Thanks again for the order.