Sunday, August 10, 2014

closet confidential

Oddly I am not really a clothing person but more of an accessory gal I can look at brooches and purses all day but trying on clothes I don't really care for. Possibly why I have only purchased one new clothing item so far this year! I need to start looking for more things I can wear today one of my shirts fell apart while I was wearing it and I am now down to four shirts I like to wear on a regular basis... I watched this youtube video last week from the fashion citizen and thought the closet confidential tag would be good to get me in the mood to revamp my closet.

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
I went with a vintage option and an item I have had the longest. I did not keep my grad dress (it was horrid no regrets, completely hated wearing it...) yet I have held on to this 1983 serious moonlight david bowie tee for ages.  I used to wear it to the clubs yes I said clubs when I was 18-20.  I don't even know if it fits me anymore I just hoard it away for no reason, it wasn't even a man magnet. 

I don't think I own anything pre 1940's I know this brass necklace hails from the 40's so it is safe to say it is the "oldest" thing I wear.

What is the newest item?
I thrifted this raffia purse a few weeks back and I absolutely love it. It has a wood handle, yellow lining and it is made in Italy want more do I need?

What is the most expensive item?
I bought this matt and nat purse 5 years ago at full price ( $150 if I remember correctly apparently I was a baller back in the day) nowadays I would never spend that much on a purse. It has held up quite nicely and I do use it in the winter to hold my mitts and scarf.

What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)
The blue sheer top on right I bought for $2.50 last year at a half price sale at value village. I bought it on a whim the pop of color and fit makes this top one of my weekly wears.  

What was the biggest bargain?
Anytime I find vintage clothing at the thrift store! It really does not happen very often maybe once or twice a year. I came home with one vintage item so far this year which was a dress that I don't know if I will wear... I would love to thrift some more sweaters I wear those. 

What was the biggest waste of money?! (no image) 
If I feel like I wasted my money I donate the items right away. Anything purchases online that was a bust and so forth gets given away. I try not too keep regrets staring me in the eye.

Here's to hoping that I try on clothes the next time I am the thrift store.


  1. Oooo! I love this post. I might "steal" this and post my own closet confidential.

    I love (and am a bit jealous) that you bought those two sweaters at the thrift store. They are amazing.


  2. lisa is right, i feel a bit jealous too about this two sweaters. you can't find cardis like this here in germany ... (german moths must have been pretty hungry during the past decades ....).

  3. what a score with the blue blouse!! awesome! :D loving the raffia purse!

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  4. Very cool tag! I hear you about the scarcity of vintage fashion finds at thrift stores these days. It's exactly the same way here in the Okanagan, too. In fact, for my own wardrobe, I haven't found any garments or accessories while thrifting this year. There's still a few months to go though, so perhaps the tides when turn before we usher in 2015.

    Much like the lovely Lisa said above, I might just have to "steal" this idea from you for either a post or video. Thanks so much for sharing it, honey!

    ♥ Jessica