Sunday, August 3, 2014

hosting friends: pulled crockpot chicken taco recipe!

thrift stores your dishes are so tempting...
I came through on a resolution this year and had some people over for dinner. I rarely do this so I was slightly out of touch. Here are a few tips I learned for the next time I do, hopefully sooner than a few years from now!

* Keep things simple, this seems like an easy one to do but I found myself running around looking for a few new dishes picking up extra groceries when all of them were not needed.
* People will not be able to come, they will come late or early don't aim for perfection the company is what counts.
* Try to bake/cook things ahead of time so there are no mistakes the day off. I have a really bad habit of chocking when I cook for others and I messed up three yep three desserts (coffee pudding was not meant to be) so I had to wing something the day of...
* You will have left overs so make sure to cook food you like, you will like eating for the next three days

I went with a classic warm vanilla cake and ice cream for a hot night
If I do cook for others I make sure I make something with the least amount of dishes possible and a crockpot is an amazing tool to use. It is summer so I figured a take on a pulled pork taco using chicken and being able to add on a lot of fresh topping was a good way to go.

Pulled crockpot chicken tacos (no picture meat isn't cute)

What you will need:
chicken breast (I used 4 boneless and skinless)
your crockpot (mine is pretty large maybe 18 quarts)
store bought chicken fajita kit with powder and sauce included
water and powdered stock of your choice

To make:
I do not pre brown my chicken when I do this (just raw in the pot) I find it is juicy without this step, if you like to brown your meat by all mean do before placing it in the crockpot. Add 2 cups of water and the powder fajita mix to the water along with one cube of your stock of choice mix well. Add in your chicken.
Cook on low heat for 4-5 hours. At five hours is is really shred-able and soft take out earlier if you want larger pieces of meat.
Take out your meat and place onto a large plate and shred with a fork. Add on the topping sauce from the fajita kit and a little but of the juice from the crockpot to make more of a liquid sauce. Toss well and you are ready to make tacos!

These were so good with guacamole, sour cream and crispy taco chips and with very little dishes to clean up afterwards.

Anyone else have a favorite recipe they like to cook for others?


  1. I love serving Mexican food for company. It's easy to have a big spread and everyone can make their own tacos or burritos the way they want them.

    I also love serving BBQ anything with a big salad. Not using the stove means fewer dishes.


  2. omg, this weenie dog snack dish is to die for ... we're vegetarians, so no chicken but my american husband loves to do mexican food for friends ... and we love to get invited for having mexican food ... ;)

  3. How wonderfully delicious!!! Some of my favourite dishes to serve to company are pasta salad (specifically one I created in my early teens that involves cucumber, apples, cheddar cheese, and golden Italian dressing), lasagna, chicken pot pie, stroganoff (I use a variation of a family recipe that's been handed down for at least four generations now), grilled meats, uber fluffy mashed potatoes, and apple crisp or cupcakes for dessert.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica all those foods sound amazing! You should post some of your own personal recipes from time to time:)