Monday, August 25, 2014

last week in vintage

I have been looking for new wicker sewing box and wasn't loving what the thrift stores had for me. This purse had been taunting me for almost a month every time I went to the thrift store it was there. I couldn't believe nobody wanted it, yes it was well loved but it is still functional. It was on sale for $3 so I decided to buy it and re-purpose it as my new sewing box and it is doing a really great job!

Ummmm this was FREE. A co-worker noticed that I only wear vintage necklaces and asked if I wanted another one. She had one from her grandma that she didn't know what to do with so obviously I said yes. I was not expecting it to be this opulent! In person this necklace is huge it covers my whole chest a real statement necklace. I am gladly giving it a new home. Always say yes to free vintage

Oooh hankies, these were on sale as well so I picked them up for the packaging for my etsy shop. I can safely say that the packaging for my shop is now fully stocked!

Anybody else have good vintage luck last week?


  1. That necklace is such a glamorous stunner!!! What a thoughtful, awesome present.

    After a rather dry spell for the past few weeks, I did decently on the thrift and antique store front this weekend (which was extra nice, because because I'd been sick with a tummy bug for several days and it was my first time out since before them), finding several things for my Etsy shop, including a cute c. 1960s light green square dance style dress (that was the only garment of the day, but there were magazines, jewelry, gloves and scarves, too!).

    Here's to hoping that lady luck stays close to both of us on the thrifting front as fall rolls into sight again.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. wow… that is one amazing necklace!!!! :D so gorgeous.. and the fact that it was free?! what more can you ask for? :)

    Animated Confessions

  3. That purse is a great find and love how you made it into a sewing box! Such a neat idea and it looks so great! How sweet that your co-worker gave you this vintage necklace! It is stunning and a piece to cherish!


  4. great finds! i would wear this lovely wicker purse ... or is it in a not wearable condition anymore? ... but it seams to do a good job as a sewing box.
    the necklaces are so lovely! it's so nice from your co-worker to hand them down to you.

    1. ha ha next summer I may use it as a purse! Once I cleaned it up it really wasn't in that bad of condition just the leather on the clasp is worn and one hole in the lining.