Thursday, August 14, 2014

loving lilac

I often go through fazes where I am only drawn to particular scents. This year I have been all about lilacs. Here is a look and mini review of my favorite lilac scented items. If you know of more do let me know!

Demeter Lilac: I bought this from superstore and it is very nice and fresh smelling but not 100% real kinda sweet but not fake smelling either. It lasts quite long so I use one sprite under my clothes to keep a bit of a fresh smell with me all day. It was cheap at $15 and well worth it.

Pacifica fresh lilac candle: I found this on (it is on sale right now so I bought another...) this scent is so light and fresh I literally just smell this candle when I am at my desk. Pacifica as a brand for candles is amazing they burn very clean and keep their scent while being all natural and vegan.

Yves Rocher purple lilac perfume: This is my second bottle of this perfume. If you are looking for a dead ringer for a bouquet of lilacs this is IT. It smells so warm but fresh at the same time. My only complaint it the lasting power which is pretty much none. I spray a tonne of this on myself it needs to be layered but it is oh so perfect.
*side note* I also own the lily of the valley version of this perfume and it is just as amazing.

What are other people favorite scent for the home and to wear?


  1. Demeter's offerings are so gorgeous! I've owned two varieties so far and would love get more, very much including this lilac one (I'll have to see if our Superstore has it in stock, as they do carry some of them).

    Lilac is, to my mind, one of the most beguiling gorgeous scents ever. I never tire of it and am often surprised that it doesn't pop up more often in home and beauty products.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Lilac is my all time favourite scent! It's near impossible to find as a true lilac scent, let alone notes of it in anything. iI's always just "inspired" in some way and smells nothing like the real thing. I own the Pacifica Rollerball fragrance and use it sparingly. I think if it ever ran out I would track down a full bottle. I may have to look into the Yves Rocher one. I'm so glad there are other lilac-lovers out there who can offer some advice!

    In general, I mostly stick to very floral fragrances. I have all of Stella McCartney's fragrances and love each one equally. Lily by Stella is one of my favourites, but it's very unique with woodsy undertones, so many people don't like it unfortunately. Also Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria "Flora Nymphea" is at the top of my list, as well as Flowerbomb in the Fall and Winter.

    I use Bath and Body Works Lilac candles all year round in my home, incorporating some holiday spice-type scents for Fall and Winter. I had no idea Pacifica made a candle. I might just have to jump on that sale! Thanks for posting this Daphne!