Thursday, August 28, 2014

thrift finds for august

I got swayed a bit in August but I also listed a few new things in my etsy shop so I will call it even! I did however stick to my holy grail list for kitchen/glassware which is a huge step for me. I saw a lot of pyrex this month but stuck to my guns and found a few beauties.

jadeite: This is my first thrifted tea set, it is in great condition and was priced fair. I am still in shock there was actually jadeite at the thrift store only the one piece though.

yellow pyrex: This little mixing bowl is perfect for baking but I may be giving up the yellow and be a bit more flexible on pyrex prints. I passed on a turquoise butterprint bowl which I dream about...

glasbake blueberry print: I really didn't think I would ever thrift this pattern. I kinda want a lid for it but have been having a hard time finding one either way I am loving it.

Can you stick to collection one thing/ sticking to your list?


  1. These are so cute! I always look for jadeite when I'm thrifting, but NEVER find it. I look for bakelite too...also NEVER happens. lol!


    1. I always keep an eye out for bakelite as well! but truth be told I am also not 100% sure how to tell if it real or not... I may have seen some in my travels I never know.

  2. Really lovely finds!!! I've kept my eyes peeled for Jadeite while thrifting ever since I was about 16 and have yet to come across any. Perhaps your luck will rub off on me one of these days. :) (I'd also madly love to thrift some carnival glass!!!)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That jadeite tea set is just fantastic and a really awesome find! I seriously love it! The other pieces are so lovely too! I can never stick to a list of one thing! LOL! I always find that I get side tracked! :)