Monday, September 29, 2014

etsy made in canada + other winnipeg pop-up events

This past Saturday I went with my mom to the etsy made in canada pop-up event. It was being held in St.James very near to wear I live so it was a must do. You can check out the W.E.S.T street team facebook page to see how busy it was! I personally had never been to a busier sale than that, so great to see.

There wasn't a lot of local vintage sellers there but I did find a new vintage seller that I just adored!
Atomic Age Vintage carries clothes, kitchen and furniture from one of my favorite eras. I picked up just one little thing at the sale which was the above yellow refrigerator dish. It was sadly too busy in her stall to really stalk what she had I just saw yellow grabbed and go. Her prices are fair and I am looking forward to see more of what she offers.

In the next few months there are going to be more pop-up events from local artisans and etsy sellers.

Flash handmade & vintage boutique can be found here on facebook (note I am 100% checking this out in a few weeks, can't make it to the opening but I hope to get there soon after!)

W.E.S.T. handmade and vintage sale VI more info on the event can be found on facebook.

and lastly the exchange uporium will be opening up again for the holiday season! Visit them on facebook as well.


  1. too bad, i wasn't able to catch the etsy event. there were just too many things happening over the weekend that i can't divide myself to going to all the events, hahaa! :D looks like it was such a success.. hopefully they do it again next year and i can finally check it out! :D

    i have marked that flash boutique opening in my calendar!! i actually pass by that spot everyday after work, haha! :D

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  2. Hey Daphne! I have still been reading and following on Bloglovin', although I haven't had a chance to comment in a while. I hope all is well in your world! :) I love craft sales - definitely should be some more good craft sales coming up in the next few months. Also, not to change topics but did you hear that Rhymes With Orange is closing?!? It was announced on their blog...that made me sad. It's definitely my favourite vintage shop so I will have to make sure I visit a few times before it's closed (I think they said it's closing at the end of December).

  3. I am so sad I couldn't be a part of this sale :( I haven't been able to join in as much lately and it hurts my little heart!!

    So glad you got to enjoy it, it looked like an ama ing event!!

  4. thanks so much for sharing about the Etsy Made in Canada event!
    we too are hoping to make it annual!!! but promise to have even more vendors than MIC at the nov 8 sale - yes more!!! and a few more vintage folks too :)

  5. We now have this years Made in Canada event planned - be sure to join us!