Monday, September 22, 2014

natural beauty hacks: what I am using right now

I have been regularly using these few items from my kitchen for beauty as of late and they are really working out so I figured I would share!

Rose Water: $1.99 for 250ml at ethnic food stores
I use rose water as my liquid for clay masks, and as a toner for the price it does an amazing job. There is really no need to ever buy a watered down or artificial version please hunt some down locally or online. I found mine via Superstore in the Indian food section.

Rose water eye roller:
Lately I have been re-purposing an old eye roller (from live clean my original review is here. I have just been to cheap to buy a new one so I made my own, however the original version is lovely!)
For this I cleaned out my old eye roller with some boiling water let it air dry and filled with rose water. You can keep this in the fridge for extra an cooling effect. The water does not pour out on your face, if you get too much just pat into your skin.

I am loving this natural skin care blog post on all the benefits of rosewater for your skin. It really does feel so soothing on your eyes, even if you soak a cotton pad a rest a while with them on well worth it.

Olive Oil: $4.99 for 250ml
I have always read that olive oil was good at removing eye make up although I have never tried it on my eyes I do use it to clean my eyeliner brush. Last year I posted this post about an easy cheat to clean your brushes if you use gel liner like me. However overtime I found that oil free make-up removers really don't work that well on brushes enter olive oil. I keep a small mason jar on my make up table and simply swirl my brush in the jar and all the junk comes right off the brush. I pat it dry with a tissue and it is clean. The residue olive oil keeps the brush soft and doesn't effect your make-up the next time you use it. I change out my olive oil once a week, when I wash all my brushes properly.

And there you have it, I would love to hear how others use items from the kitchen in their beauty routine!

it looks junkier in person all the liner sinks to the bottom this is week old oil. You only need a little maybe half a tablespoon or less.


  1. i use the olive oil to remove makeup. not too bad in the eyes, really. :)

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  2. I like witch hazel as a toner when I run out of my proactiv toner and am waiting for my next shipment.