Wednesday, September 10, 2014

repurchased: beauty

I used to not be able to wait for a product to be done so that I could try something new out. This year I have found that I don't really don't enjoy the hunt for new products as much as I once did. Many of my products are narrowed down to dare I say holy grails where I have no need to find something new. I still get swayed but here is my growing list of go-to items that I have repurchased many times over. Items will be linked if they are not from the drugstore.

joe fresh blush in melon: this may be discontinued they were clearing it out last time I was at superstore but hopefully it is just getting new packaging. This colour is perfection, not too pink nor too orange I have been wearing this for year straight and think I may have another year left in the pan.
NYX eyeshadow in sahara: This is my lids but better shade it is very sheer and foolproof for somebody who doesn't want to look like they are wearing eyeshadow this one is perfect.
tarte amazonian clay waterproof liner in bronze: This is the only eye liner I use one pot lasts me roughly 10 months and the bronze shade is what I have always dreamed of. It is not harsh like straight black can be but has some dimension to it.
milani blush in luminoso: This is pretty much the same colour as the joe fresh blush but has some gold shimmer. It gives you a sheer wash of colour and a bit of a glow without needing a highlighter.
wet'n'wild silk lipstick in nouveau pink: If I had to pick one lipstick to wear everyday it would be this one, it glides over the lips so nicely and fades fantastic. I wish the other shades in the collection didn't look like they cost $1.97 which this lipstick does, such a bargain!
lush mint julips: This is a great lip scrub smells amazing and does a good job of keeping flakyness away this is my 5th jar of this and will always re-purchase.
rosebud salve in a tube in minted rose: I like the original version too this lip balm is my go to overnight treatment for dry lips.
essie nail polish in eternal optimist: I only own one nail polish and this is it. It is a nude pink that is not too brown nor too girly it goes with everything.
the body shop camomile cleansing oil: This stuff is great and at removing your make-up before you wash your face. Although I don't have a favorite cleanser this pre-cleanser is something I will buy again for sure.
joe fresh eye makeup remover: This is oil free and comes in a push pump bottle, super cheap I think $6 and last a long time, completely in love.
rimmel wake me up concealer in 125 (the orange lid): I am on my 5th tube of this is it not full coverage like the package says but brightens and doesn't crease or settle weird on me. After a long day my under eyes look fresh, which is always a plus with face make up.
real techniques expert face brush: (gold handle) I don't even know how I used foundation before this brush all the hype is true. It blends foundation like a dream I am never worried I have streaky foundation anymore.
maybelline clear mascara (green lid): I use this for my brows and it is really good I don't think you need to buy an expensive brow gel when clear mascara works wonders. You do need to brush your brows a bit after it dries to make them look natural but it is worth the fuss.

Yes that is a pretty long list! I am still looking for a go-to mascara, face cleanser, foundation and shampoo but having these items sorted out feels good. I wear my make-up the same everyday just change up my lip colour.
Anybody else have an absolute favorite product you'd like to share?


  1. I'm with you. i used to be obsessed in trying out new products in the drugstore and sephora all the time, but now i found myself reaching for the same products. maybe, i'll have the occasional new mascara or a unique flattering lip color, but my basic face: moisturizer, concealer, blush, lip balm and face powder have stayed the same ever since i started wearing makeup to work (plus, i don't always wear makeup anyway).

    holy grail product for me includes my mac spf concealer, eos lip balm, bare minerals mineral veil, lush fresh farmacy facial soap and simple cleansing wipes.

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  2. I am SUCH a creature of habit when it comes to my beauty products. I hate it when something I love becomes discontinued.

    Right now I'm loving L'oreal Colourstay Suede lipstick in Couture layered with Quo's red lip liner for a not-too-red lip with serious staying power.