Friday, September 5, 2014

this week in vintage

This isn't vintage but a damn good dinner. I love Asian inspired dishes that use cashews or peanuts. I tried my hand at peanut chicken the sauce was good but I made it too thick all lessons learned for next time. If anybody has good links to more peanut chicken recipes do share!

I keep an eye out for only a few types of pyrex bakeware. The only thing not pictured that I want is a loaf pan. This week a brownie pan, cake pan and pie plate were all at the thrift store. If these would have been in better condition it would have been the best day ever! Had to leave them behind.
Hats; I don't know how to wear hats I wish I did. This lovely grey silk one was even made in Winnipeg. It stayed at the thrift store for someone else to love.

It is so weird as soon as the weather turns warm toned items pop up at the thrift. All three might make their way into my shop we will see. I would like to try and pull off the rockabilly pin-up look and wear this sheer scarf in my hair... The brooch was an impulse it was crazy cheap and looked warm. I think it would look good clustered with other brooches. I pretty much cannot come home without a purse this one is lovely *coughs* I may keep it.


  1. looks yummy! i don't eat meat but i love asian food with peanuts or cashews too. i have to make a peanut sauce version with vegtables soon.
    ... ah, sounds like i would loved to buy this hat. i almost never ever find hats that aren't black ...

  2. AMAZING PURSE!!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw it. You know I would've snagged this one for sure lol!! Great find! I'm so tempted to go to VV today and check out the Halloween goodies.


    1. oooh Lisa I am sure if you go you may have better luck than me. Last year was amazing for vintage this year not so much I haven't found anything good in the "vintage" Halloween section and I was totally banking on it! and yes I am pretty sure I am keeping the purse it is just too nice and was such a good price...

  3. That recipe looks so good! Such pretty thrift finds too. You should totally keep that purse! The beading and details are incredible.

  4. loved that last set of items in one photo. perfect for the cool weather!! :D

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