Monday, September 15, 2014

updated thrift list

I have had pretty good luck finding a few of the items I have posted about in wish lists so here is my new updated list of items I am looking for! Some are the same while others are new and more rare I am aiming high this time.
For jewelry and accessories I love seeing what is out there and not having a set image in mind of what I would like to find. Kitchenware is where I know what exists and what I can hunt down more specifically. It keeps me more on track...
fire king colonial band mixing bowl set: (link is to the seller on etsy)
I own the smallest yellow bowl for this set and would love to own a complete set. There are not many of these bowl for sale and when they are, they are pricey it would cost roughly $70+ for me to finish my set buying online so I will hunt for these and hopefully thrift them one day! Anyone locally who has one to to sell can always contact me:)
pyrex rainbow stripe bowls: (link to etsy)
Stripes and a mixing bowl you can't really go wrong there. I would even take the brown version of this bowl.

more mugs! (link to the etsy seller)
I bought myself the yellow and red version of these for my birthday. I am missing the green and pink and hope to complete the set via thrifting. I think it may take me a few years but I believe it is doable.

vintage cardigans: (this one has sold already, I took to long to decide!)
I have yet to thrift one this year. In fact I have thrifted no sweaters this year. With it getting colder I would like to find a few, these are a forever wish list item.

and as always a pyrex, brownie, loaf, pie and cake pan in any color and pattern are welcome to come home with me.

Anybody else have an updated thrift wish list? What is on it?


  1. You have amazing luck with thrifted vintage sweaters!

    I've been looking for vintage chiffon headscarves. I really want a black one!!


    1. Hey Lisa, I will keep and eye out for a head scarf. I see a tonne and in black too! If I would have known