Tuesday, October 14, 2014

drugstore duds

Even though I just posted about my favorite re-purchased beauty items I got the itch to try out a few new things. I wish I was able to resist this urge and save myself the $20 here is what tempted me and was a bust this month.

joe fresh clear lip liner: no review I went to use it and it broke deep in the tube sharping it didn't do a thing. I thought this would help my lipstick from feathering now I will never know.

real techniques silicone liner brush: I bought this at winners and had high hopes this was my answer to clean crisp cat eye liner points. It has such good reviews online but I found it made my cat eye line look more thick and worse than what I was doing before. I tried many days to love this but I can't.

rimmel color rush balm in rumour has it: I have a tendency to pick out shades I already own just from different brands, this is what I did here I own this exact shade in a lipstick. The glossiness is nice and it does last a few hours but this feathered on me so it was too fussy for what it is. I will stick to my lipstick from now on.

l'oreal voluminous miss manga mascara:  I will admit this isn't the worst mascara I have tried lately but I get scared every time I go to use it. It is a very wet and clumpy mascara. I like the bendy brush and it does give an impressive amount of volume. I just don't know if I like having to pick clumps off my lashes and have them look slightly cakey. As of now I can't see myself repurchasing it.


  1. I was wondering about that rimmel lip balm...now I don't have to buy it lol!


    1. I think I lighter color would be nicer they have great pigments but that shade of red made a mess of my lips!

  2. I'm sorry that these products didn't mass muster with you, dear gal. I usually like Joe Fresh's offerings (their black liquid liner has been my go to in that camp for a few years now and I also really enjoy their cheap and colourful nail polishes), but agree that some of the lip products can leave one longing a bit. I've been Revlon's Color Stay clear liner for just that purpose (to keep feathering at bay) and highly recommend it.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on yesterday's post. You should definitely treat yourself to well deserved vacation, sweet gal. Call me biased, but I think the Okanagan from May to September is pretty darn hard to beat! You know, if you're in need of destination ideas. :D