Friday, October 10, 2014

last week in pictures

Bulk barn killed it with these leaf shaped sprinkles. They topped off some banana bread perfectly. I also found some gold luster dust for baking I now need to think of something good to make with it!

Oh hi, I fell off the pyrex bandwagon last week. Sticking to my thrift list hasn't worked out too well for me lately. I never thought I would see either of these in person for an affordable price. I found the balloon print at a flea market the seller must not have instagram because $6 for a mint condition bowl is crazy.
Value Village was also off their pricing game. I have seen pyrex pieces that have been through the dishwasher missing half their paint for more than I paid for the pink casserole dish. It has some metal marking on the bottom but I fully intend to bake with it so that doesn't matter much to me.

Quite a few items in my etsy shop will be expiring soon/expired so I am working on a very vintage filled donation bag. I like to believe that it gives me good thrift karma to donate vintage. I have been selling and donating items to local vintage shops as of lately so this week it is all going back to the source.

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  1. The pyrex you found is so pretty!

    It was so good to see you at Sally Ann & VV! We should get together soon. :)