Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September thrift finds

September wasn't amazing in the thrift dept. I had to really hunt and I came home with only one holy grail item for myself. The others were impulses luckily I have a etsy shop for that!

art deco shoe/dress clips: These were one of my holy grail finds they are only missing one stone and just feel so luxurious. I wore these as collar clips on a blazer and was in love and at $3.99 it couldn't get better!

tapestry bag: This was an impulse I have a thing for vintage make-up/pouch style bags this one was cheap, had no stains and didn't smell so I could not think of a legit reason to leave it behind this month.

for the shop

1960's bar cart snack canister set: I 100% blame etsy for this. I saw one in a listing thought it was so cute but I knew I would never pay full vintage price for it so I made a mental note if I find one thrifting I should get it. The only problem is, it is really not my style. I like glass and softer colors I am just really drawn to vintage typography on anything....

rose chiffon dress: I found this in the costume section for Halloween. This is my first vintage buy from the "costume" section and I will admit I was a little displeased with value village for putting it there. It is in mint condition and really what would you dress up as if you were to wear this beautiful dress? Either way I got it for cheap. Sadly it is a few inches too big for me so I hope it finds a good home!

For October I hope to not give in to impulses, coming home empty handed is okay sometimes.


  1. Oh my goodness those clips are just gorgeous! And I'm obsessed with that snack container! I've always wanted one, but I haven't come across one yet. There are always cute ones on Etsy, but I agree, too much to spend. Great finds as always, Daphne! :)

  2. I have found SO many amazing vintage dresses in the costume section of VV at halloween. They're dirt cheap, so I never complain. I love the pattern on that dress. So pretty.

    I am also drooling over your tapestry bag...but you probably already knew that. ;)