Friday, October 24, 2014

thirft stories: things I didn't buy

It may seem like I always come home with items but more often than not I leave empty handed. I had stopped taking photos in the thrift store but got back in the habit the past few weeks. Here is a look at what tempted me but stayed at the thrift.

vintage wool jacket: I loved everything about this jacket. I am very petite and I just swam in this beauty. I posted a picture of the tag on instragram the typography is just the best. The last time I was in the thrift this jacket was still there but somebody had stolen the mink color off of it! It is instances like that why I am always tempted to "save" items at the thrift store.

vintage cardigan: it didn't fit and had some holes that weren't fixable, darn... I couldn't get a good picture but the buttons said "kitten" on them too. If I had more money I would have just bought this for the tag and buttons. I left it behind since I am trying to only buy things I know I will use and not hoard cute things  as much.

polyester blouse: The leaf pattern on this was very cute. It was ill-fitting on me so I put it back...

vintage feather glasses: I am always tempted by vintage glasses and anything with feathers. I know I don't actually drink out of glasses very much so I left them behind.

pyrex 401: I already own a yellow 401 mixing bowl so I have been very good in not buying others. This one was very cute and was in good condition.

I can't stop admiring old clothing tags I know I will keep on taking pictures of those...
Anybody else take pictures of things they leave behind?


  1. I NEVER take photos of things I left behind. I think it's because I'd rather try and forget them so they don't haunt me.

    I love your thrifting posts though...I get to thrift through you vicariously. ;)


  2. aww.. shucks on that coat. it looked great!!

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  3. I normally don't take photos of things. I agree with Lisa. Usually I'm trying my best to forget what I left behind! haha

    I can't believe someone took the collar off that gorgeous coat!