Friday, October 31, 2014

vintage crush :old canning jars

the blue one is authentic and dates from 1913 a real find.
Over the past few months more and more old jars have been coming home with me from the thrift... They are fairly cheap @ $0.50 each. If your more spendy anthropologie sells them for $20-32 each (whaaat!)
I have found many ways to use them which is probably why they keep finding a home with me. I always keep an eye out for vintage wide-mouthed masons. I find I can get my hands in them better so they make for really easy storage options.

in the pantry:
I use one as my sugar bowl, one is now brewing home made vanilla extract, while another holds salt for baking.

for beauty:
I use a jar to wash my make-up brushes in and others for make-up storage.

It seems slightly crazy but the big one and the blue one are stickily for flowers!

I have always wanted to use a jar to give cookies in. This week I crossed that off my list and gave a little sampling of cookies from jenna rae cakes in one. Next time I hope to use my own baking.

Anybody else helplessly drawn to old canning jars?


  1. i've recycled some of random mason jars to flower vases!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Such a cute post! After I go grocery shopping I always transfer anything in plastic bags (like dried fruit, nuts or other baking ingredients) into jars right away. Its so hard to see what anything is in a bag and it looks too messy in the cupboard. I just love your idea for putting baking in a jar to give as a gift. Your homemade gift tags get me every time! So pretty!

  3. I swear Anthro goes to flea markets, buys things, and then slaps a $30 label on them. I love their stuff though! >_< I would be so happy to get a jar of macarons or cookies.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  4. Oh these types of jars a great and there is so much you can do with them. I have seen people paint them metallic gold, it looks really cool. Look it up on Pinterest.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC