Saturday, November 8, 2014

collecting the 40's

My thrift tastes are always evolving, when I was younger I was really drawn to kitschy 1960's thrift wares. Right now I seem to be drawn to much older pieces. Lately I have been drawn to the 1940's these pieces aren't the easiest to find at the thrift store but I have manged to come home with a few this past year. Here is a look at what I would love to collect more of.

brass: I only own one necklace but I have a great desire to own more. I can't resist the weight and charm of these necklaces. They are expensive online so I must hope for good thrift luck in finding more.

matching pins: 1940's jewelry was full of rhinestones, collar clips and scatter pins. I passed on a pair of scatter pins recently and now I wish I hadn't. I love the idea of things being in pairs and hope to not pass up more sets in the future.

"jade" green: The infamous "jadeite" green color was widely popular in the 40's as well as "delphite" blue both these colors are very nostalgic and collectable. It is hard to believe this painted glass piece is 70 years old!

corde: Was a very popular fabric used in the 1940's these pieces have held very well. I have always passed on them since they are usually quite small, this wallet however had the cutest brass clip and was really unique. It is sadly too small for my modern need but I hope to find a good use for it soon.

Do others hope to find items from a certain decade?

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  1. These are such elegantly beautiful pieces. I especially love the brass necklace. It practically sings aloud with the spirit of autumn.

    ♥ Jessica