Monday, November 17, 2014

new on etsy

Whenever I sell a few items on etsy I always try to add some more. Last week the two above beauties sold. I will admit my shop is getting pretty bare. So here is a look at the items that are now new in the shop.

eddie money concert jersey: I have owned this personally for years. It is a little snug on me and have decided to pass it along if you like your tees fitted and are a xs this is a great concert tee!

tooled leather clutch: I have been holding on to this for a while I was using it for holding personal papers but decided to let it go. If you have a thing for leather this will make for a really nice going out clutch I just know I can't seem to travel lightly when I go out.

1950's suglasses: These do need new lenses but most vintage frames do, they are a good condition and would make for the best sunnies come summer. They are just too big for my face which pains me.

If you haven't heard by following this link etsy is holding a contest and giving away a $250 etsy gift card for the holidays!!


  1. I have been debating opening another etsy shop these days. I have so much vintage in my house and I'm ready to let some of it go again.

    Or maybe I should just call Patty. lol!


    1. Lisa call me first! ha ha, I don't sell as much as I thought I would on etsy it keeps me busy if you feel you have the time and I would love to see what you have to offer.
      I may be calling Patty up in Jan if some of my items don't sell.