Wednesday, November 19, 2014

new pacifica devocean lipstick + hard candy plumping serum lipstick swatches

It seems three new lip products have found a new home with me the past few weeks so here are my thoughts on them!

pacifica devocean lipstick in rebel sol: These are 100% natural, vegan and gluten free what more could you ask for? This shade is a soft coral which can pull slightly more orange. It feels very soft on the lips while giving a nice lifelike sheen to the lips. Lasting power is around 2 hours and it gently fades.This did cling to a few dry flakes on my lips but other than that I really like this shade.

hard candy plumping serum lipstick in infamous: (can be bought at walmart) I will admit I was drawn to these after watching this youtube video and yes I literally bought the same colors...The shade infamous looks very nude in the bullet but is a really nice sheer pink that is very natural looking. I like that is does not pull brown at all, and is a very good option if you want to try a MLBB shade but don't want to risk looking washed out.

hard candy plumping serum lipstick in victorious: (can be bought at walmart) This is my favorite shade it is a bright strawberry red and feels so nice on the lips. The only downfall of this shade is that is only lasts 2 hours and does fade off uneven (at least on me). If you plan on wearing it you will need to re-apply it.

Overall these are not long lasting and don't make it through a days work but for running errands these are all great options.

Anybody else tried out any lip products recently?
rebel sol, infamous, victorious


  1. seriously speaking, every shade looks so good on you!!
    i love the glossy finish!!

    Animated Confessions

  2. What punchy, lovely shades! Hard Candy's offering here jumps out at me in particular. Corals and I rarely get on well though. I find they're at odds with the pink undertones in my skin and rarely do me many favours. Though, that said, they work better than fuschia lippies, so I haven't given up them entirely.

    I madly adore your gorgeous lipstick holder! It's such a work of elegant vanity top art!

    Big hugs & happy one month to Christmas wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I definitely like that last colour, but I never buy lipstick that's not matte or long wearing anymore.


    1. ahhh I know it pains me that the last red shade wears off so fast and weird!