Sunday, November 30, 2014

november thrift finds

gold, black and a unicorn it couldn't be left behind!
I learned to leave a lot behind in November for my personal collection I came home with two items costing a whopping $3.50 after taxes. My wallet definitely noticed that I avoided most impulse purchases.
I did buy a few impulse things that were meant to be for chronically vintage's vintage secret santa but I will be going in another direction and have already found new homes for the items I did thrift so I call that breaking even.

I have been learning to love what I have and wear my treasures, which is still very hard for me I really tend to store away my most beloved items in case they get wrecked on a day out. Sticking to my guns has been a learning experience this month I am slowly learning what I will splurge on and what I can leave behind a bit more which is always good!

Anybody thrift something really great this November?


  1. Aww, that unicorn brooch is awesome! There's no way I could have passed it by either. Great finds!

    Thank you very much for the lovely shout out about CV's Vintage Secret Santa. Things went so awesomely with it. In the end 260 people signed up, which far exceeded my initial expectations. We'll definitely be keeping the postal system extra busy this month! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Everybody loves the unicorn brooch. It's cute, but that turquoise hanger is where it's at for me!

    I added some more purses, a cute hat and a vintage scarf to my collection in November. Clothing pickings seemed pretty slim.