Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 thrift wish list

Even though I bake quite often I don't actually own a proper pair of mixing bowls! I have been holding out and saving my money for a set I really love. I have not been able to find any I like in local shops so I am hoping for good thrift luck this year. The fire king colonial band bowls are my holy grail but I would not say no to a jadeite bowl or two. The first image has sold already on etsy but the jadeite set can be seen here.

A lid for my glasbake blueberry dish. I thought it would be easy but it seems I have been un-able to find another glabake dish with a lid I can steal from it. I also would not mind finding more of this pattern preferably on a loaf pan if possible.

I did not find one last year so I am hoping this year will be the year. I did spend the money and buy myself an embroidered purse from a local vintage shop but it was not black, why since I was spending the money I didn't hold out for black I will never know. I will be cheap(er) this year and hold out for a thrifted version fingers crossed!
purse one on etsy purse two on etsy (both are on sale!)

Coro bird earrings. This will be tough most thrift stores don't sell clip or screw back earring anymore they tend to throw them into grab bags which makes it very hard to see what is included. I don't really wear earring enough to justify spending $30+ on a pair so hopefully I can find these beauties for cheaper this year.

I think that is it for items that I always keep an eye out for. I love thrifting because you really never know what is going to be there. The element of surprise always gets me so I am sure I will come home with completely different items this year but here to hoping one of the above items crosses paths with me.


  1. I am always on the lookout for a nice sized black needlepoint purse like mine for you. I had no idea how rarely they came along!!


    1. Thank you for keeping an eye out for me Lisa! I know I have never seen one at the thrift it is crazy to me.

  2. those earrings are charming!!! :D i wish you thrifting luck this year, daphne!!! :D

    happiest of holidays to you!
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