Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a tale of two sweaters...

It is Christmas so I decided to buy myself a little gift off etsy. I have a thing for vintage sweaters; they are just so warm and have much more character. I found the above one for a decent price (because it is missing some beads) it came and it fits pretty good just the arms need to be rolled up.
Everything would be great except two days after I ordered it I found....

this at value village for a third of the price!! It is in mint condition not a bead missing and washed up perfectly.
This happens quite a bit to me, I wish I had a bit more of a gut feeling to hold off on purchases! The two sweaters are quite different the one I found off etsy I plan on wearing pretty much every week I don't own any light sweaters so it was a welcome change. The bottom one is more fancy and be great in the spring time as a luxe coverup on a night out.

Does this happen to anybody else? Do you pine for an item you never thrift and then find one soon after?


  1. both are wonderful pieces.. just think that you can totally wear them differently and I'm sure you're gonna be able to make the most out of both of them!

    Animated Confessions

  2. You're inspiring me to go to Value Village more. I typically buy vintage stuff off etsy because it's just so nicely curated! But you definitely pay for that curation. Both sweaters are great finds, but the second is definitely proof of the rewards of digging!

  3. This has happened to me on occasion. Nothing recent comes to mind though. These are gorgeous sweaters! You have great luck finding them in thrift stores.


  4. I've run into this once in a blue moon, but not often, as vintage clothing is so tremendously hard come by anywhere around these parts. More commonly, I'll purchase something online (say on Etsy) for a fair retail price and then see the same or similar item elsewhere a few weeks or months later for a considerably lower price. Usually though, the item was one I really, really wanted (often for months or even years) though, so I don't kick myself for buying it when I did. No one has a crystal ball and all we can do is the make good choices in the moment with what we're able to find (for sale).

    Really lovely sweaters both!

    ♥ Jessica