Saturday, December 27, 2014

thrift find round-up for 2014

This year looking back at my thrift find posts I didn't really find too many holy grail finds, that still make me drool. 2014 was a year of crossing things off my thrift list that I had never owned before.

tooled leather: Before this year I had never owned a leather piece. I ended up finding 6 pieces this year most of which I ended up selling off. I love the look of tooled leather but have found brown doesn't really go with much of my clothes. It does not stop my from buying more pieces. The one on the left is a gift from Lisa of butterflies and daisies vintage and the one of the right I thrifted a mere few days ago. It is now listed in my etsy shop.

refriderator dishes: Last year I owned none and now I have 6 that I have thrifted. These are probably my favorite item put out by pyrex (and glasbake). I have gotten over the bowls and will probably add a few more casserole dishes to my collection... I have found these little "fridgies" to be the most useful I use them for storage pretty much everywhere I can.

older pieces: This year I tried to really tried not to come home with too many impulse purchases older pieces from the 1940's however pretty much had to come home with me. I have grown quite fond of pavee rhinestone pieces and anything tapestry or embroidered.

Did others have good thrift luck in 2014?  Next post will be my updated thrift wish list for 2015.

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  1. Your new items from this year are each strikingly gorgeous. The rose handbag in particular makes me go weak in the knees. I wouldn't say I had a massively abundant year on the thrifting front either at all, especially in terms of buying for myself. Most of the nice pieces that I did find went straight into my Etsy shop or were put aside to give as birthday and holiday gifts.

    Hopefully 2015 will be an even better year for both of us on that front, sweet gal!

    Big hugs & the very happiest of New Year's wishes,
    ♥ Jessica