Tuesday, December 2, 2014

vintage gift ideas for makeup lovers!

Here are few ideas I came up with that are vintage inspired and would be great to gift to a makeup loving friend. I wear my makeup the same everyday but that does not mean I would turn down the opportunity to try something new if gifted to me.

classic red lip gift:
There are so many red lipstick shades you could choose a cult classic shade from Chanel or MAC or even pick out your favorite shade to wear as a gift. Wrap the lipstick with a vintage lipstick holder and your gift is good to go!
Vintage lipstick holders do not grow on trees I come across maybe one a year and always pick them up. If you can find them at the thrift store they tend to be very cheap I have never paid more than $1.99. You can find them on etsy starting at $25

Best red lipstick round-ups like this one are always great for inspiration and dangerous I might add.

classic cat eye gift:
For this idea you could pick out the latest mascara release (drug store is perfectly fine) pair it with a nice neutral eyeshadow (golden shimmer is always nice but matte is more classic) and then choose an eyeliner to perfect the look. Wrap it all up in a vintage bag and it is too easy and cute might I add.

For extra add ons you could include an eyelash curler and brow gel/tint and even a gift certificate to get your brows professional shaped for a full vintage eye kit. 

Anybody else got a great vintage inspired gift idea they would like to share?


  1. Great suggestions!!! So true, I haven't seen a vintage lipstick holder at thrift store in probably a decade or more now. I bought the one that I use in Nanton, Alberta last year for a fairly decent retail price. I'd love to pick up another or two, if possible. They're very handy for holding other types of cosmetics as well like mascara and liquid liner.

    Happy December wishes, dear Daphne!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I pretty much hold anything and everything in my collection of lipstick holders I think that is why I can 'allow" myself more when I see them! They are so handy.
      Glad to hear others put their mascara in theirs too:)

  2. omg!! i love that lipstick holders!! so intricate and exquisite (even a drugstore lipstick would look fancy in it!!)

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