Sunday, January 11, 2015

jewelry edit

I have sorted out my jewelry collection once again and have narrowed it down to only the pieces I really love so here is a look at what made the cut!

The yellow moonstone necklace I bought off etsy years ago after hoping to thrift a yellow necklace. I don't wear it that often but do really enjoy it. The costume rhinestone necklace was a gift I have yet to wear it but it is so spectacular I need to keep hoarding it. I love my brass charm necklace but the charms do flip over when I wear it so I need to pick my days with it since it is a fussy piece. The last of my coro necklaces is this turquoise paisley shaped necklace, I love the color and it sits so well on the neck. The red glass bead necklace was my best thrifted piece at 99 cents I have owned it for 8 years and wear it often. Lastly almost every vintage wearing girl has a classic clear glass bead necklace.

I would love to be able to thrift another brass charm necklace and maybe another glass bead necklace in a new-to me color.
I honestly only wear 2 of these pair regularly and probably could edit this even more but I am holding on to a few just in case. I like to buy my earring cheap the most expensive pair was $4.99 while the other were $2 or less.
What I wear:
The pave rhinestone leafs are my all time favorite find, the embroidered roses get a lot of wear to work. I love the amber rhinestone set as well as the yellow moonstones.

What I could donate...
I have only worn the large brown stone earrings once. The rhinestone triangles... never but I like the modern look of them. The art deco rhinestone pair I thought I would wear I tonne they are my most subtle pair but they seem just meh to me when I try them on but I feel I need a simpler option on hand.

I sold off most of my brooches last year and really only kept the creme de le creme according to me. I have grown fond of scatter pins or brooches that match hence why most of my collection is in pairs now.... I do like a good novelty brooch but also want them to be well made these two enameled pieces are top notch. 

Overall with jewelry I tend to keep my pieces cheap and cheerful and rarely splurge on an item. Only 3 items I paid full retail for which is not too bad and out of all the pieces I have donated now and in the past none of them I paid full price for so I feel I have made good choices.

Do other keep a well edited jewelry collection or do you feel it is better to have more options?


  1. Your wardrobe editing skills has me quite jealous. I am incapable of being this strict with my closet. I have such a hard time letting things go. I don't have much in my closet that I don't love, but there just happens to be a lot of things in there that I DO love and can't seem to part with lol!!


    1. Thanks again Lisa! Jewelry is maybe the one thing I have never regretting giving up which is crazy since I am so drawn to it! Don't get me wrong I still have an embarrassing amount of items I am hoarding in other areas of my house!

  2. Oh my you really do have some lovely pieces. I should get some vintage jewelry, it is the only way I could really afford better made pieces. Just lovely.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  3. omg, i rarely wear any jewelry. maybe the occasional statement ring or necklace and i basically have my go to stud, pearl and bow earrings.
    i need to purge some of mine that i haven't used for ages!!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions