Thursday, January 15, 2015

my week in vintage

Things I did not come home with:
The above pink and mink cardi would have 100% come home with me in my early thrifting days. I am happy I was able to resist the $12.99 impulse purchase.

I try to bake once a week and the past few months I haven't really baked any knock out dishes so I went back to an old favorite. I am going to have to make this recipe a monthly must, they barely lasted 24 hrs in the house. I am also un-offically banned from pipping icing oh my I suck at it. That being said an new icing kit at the dollar store is calling my name...

What did come home with me?:
It never fails right after I downsize and drop off a bag of donations I come home with a new piece. This 1940's crescent moon brooch won me over in the store. I have worn it to work already and am not sure if I am clicking with it. It may find it's way into my shop.

1 comment:

  1. love that fur collar/stole in that cardigan!! so glamorous!!

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