Saturday, January 31, 2015

thrift snap shots

Another week of thrifting and leaving things behind! I was good yet again and resisted the temptation to bring home items I don't reeeeaaallly need, bare in mind I did not take pictures of the items I had in my hands if  I were to re-see those pictures I would be mumbling wtf right now but that is okay.

Don't you wish every item in your closet had tags like this? These sadly didn't fit me another sweater loving girl will be happy to find these.
Value village was selling these as a set, I couldn't get over the gold tones not matching loved the idea though!
Look at that price! Normally I don't complain about the price but this was near full vintage retail I get they don't like people making a killing off re-selling some items but... I already own a few tea sets and wasn't looking to pay that for more. It was nice to see keeps my dream of thrifting jadeite alive.

Anybody else have a good week at the thrift?


  1. Love the little silver purse, it's really cute ♥

  2. That is pretty much retail these days. Wow! I've seen VV do this more on more on their housewares, collectibles (like figurines), and to a lesser extent clothing and jewelry in recent years. A few months ago our local VV had two tall 60s kitschy ceramic cat figurines (unsigned) at $25.00 a pop! Someone must have bought them, because they were gone when I was there again just a few days later. Shame in a way. If people - at stores everywhere I mean - didn't but them, perhaps they'd lower their prices back to what thrift stores are supposed to be again (wishful thinking, I know!).

    Big hugs & tons of happy February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. wait so that tea set is made from jade? Ive never seen that before but it looks cool. I thought its mostly either ceramic or some of it is made from porcelain.

  4. woah.. that's kind of steep for VV. haven't been there in a while but from what i remember, they never had those prices before..

    Animated Confessions

  5. Generally I had better luck with some of the Goodwills and Sally Anns in the city, as well as the "Helping Hand" place on North Main. VV's prices are outta control! (And I will stop spamming your blog with comments now!)