Wednesday, February 18, 2015

new on etsy

I have been doing some wishful thinking and added some new spring/summer time items to my etsy shop. My new years goal to take better listing photos has not been going all too well, some pictures are quite dreadful I seem to have quite the time photographing clothing so it looks appealing. As the days go by on my new listing I have been tempted to take back a few swizzle sticks and I cannot mention how many times I have tried on my moon brooch again... but I know they are not meant for me.

Soon I hope to get over my shipping phobia. I tried shipping glass once it arrived broken, that is never good on either end. I also don't tend to sell larger item due to shipping costs being high. I do have a few over-sized items that hopefully I get to listing soon!

Anybody have tips of shipping glass for me?

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