Sunday, February 22, 2015

last week in vintage

This week for thrifting I decided to go with a pair of brooches. I choose a 1940's scatter pin and a black unicorn. I was hoping the unicorn would be good luck but it wasn't really.

The goodwill by my house is very unpredictable in their prices. I bought what I consider to be a nicer tooled leather purse in Dec for $7. This one was marked at $20 and AS IS. The zipper is broken and the handles have seen better days, I had no guilt leaving this one behind.

So I came home with a tapestry clutch. This one unlike in my last post is older and has a nice weight to it. I liked that it had unusual design on it. Nothing else really caught my eye this week.


  1. cute brooches!!! :D
    that tooled leather purse is quite pricey! i've seen cheaper ones for sure! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. That is such a beautiful needlepoint/tapestry clutch. I love the scrolling border and central ancient European ruin focal point. I wonder, was this perhaps created for the tourist trade?

    ♥ Jessica