Wednesday, March 11, 2015

diy: clay and sugar facial scrub

Yes diy'ing beauty products is more messy than store bought but this easy beauty diy I have been able to keep up since September the extra effort is worth it if you ask me. The addition of a clay makes your skin soft and not as shiny after you use it compared to other surface scrubs I have tried.

What you need: Single use scrub recipe
5 ml of sugar (raw for more grit, white for a gentler scrub)
2.5 ml of powdered clay or clay based cleansing grains (this one from mama pacha has worked perfectly)
1 and half pumps of your daily cleanser (don't use a cleaning oil it will dissolve the sugar)

How to make:
In a little dish mix sugar and clay and then add in cleanser stirring well. It takes a minute for all the ingredients to mix well kinda like mixing cookie dough. Mixture will be neither soft or hard but will be goopy and melt with the skin. Gently rub onto your skin, you can let it sit for a minute to make use of the clay if you wish.
Rinse off and enjoy your soft skin!

Anybody else have a favorite beauty diy?

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  1. What a lovely, budget-friendly "recipe". Thank you for sharing this with us, dear gal. I love that in my experience to date, my uber sensitive skin has always tolerated products with clay well. That makes me think I should purchase some power and give this a shot.

    ♥ Jessica