Monday, March 16, 2015

flea/vintage markets in Winnipeg

thirty's flea market
Taken from a booth at Thirsty's
This past Sunday I went to a spring antique sale. I ended up not finding anything this time but then ended up sending the rest of the day hitting a few other vintage spots in the city so I figured I would do a round-up of the year round and special occasion vintage sales that happen in the city.

Year round markets

Mulvey flea market: free - Osbourne at Mulvey (just past confusion corner)
The thing to keep in mind about flea markets are they are "markets" which doesn't always equal vintage. This is my least favorite market to visit it has more what I call man related vintage including old tins, parts, comics etc. I didn't find anything good here not the best place for a 20 to 30 year old girl right now vendors so change...

Thristy's flea market: free - 1111 Elice Ave (turn off from the one way street Erin coming from Sargent)
This market is open Wednesday to Sunday. I will say at this time most vendors do not pay to be open during the week so it is slim pickings Saturday is the day you will find most booths open.That being said if you are looking for a used book, comic or record/cd try here first they offer a lot of items that aren't really sold in stand alone stores anymore. Currently there are no clothing or purse sellers and not much in terms of "trendy" glassware like pyrex. But out of the two I would recommend this one first.

Johnston terminal antique mall: free - The Forks
I personally don't come here enough maybe once a year, it is an indoor collection of curated booths by sellers. No real deals but if you are looking for a specific vintage item and want to spend the $$ checking here first is recommended. It is 7,000 square feet and offers vintage wood furniture, books, glassware and a tonne of other items.

AAA Consignment: free - 197 Osborne St aka The Osbourne Antique Mart Building
This one always seems to be closed when I want to shop. This antique mall offers the most variety in terms of things to look at. It is one of the few year round shops that offer clothing and accessories along side furniture and housewares. In my 20's this was my favorite place to shop now I don't seem to frequent it as much as I once did.

The old house revival company: 324 Young Street (on a one way off Portage Ave, coming from downtown)
I originally left this one out on purpose but since this is a round-up of market like vintage shops I will include it. I personally have never been able to shop in this store I have arthritis and although I am pretty good and have never come across a store that was inaccessible to me before I tried shopping here. This store is not for those who have a hard time climbing 80+ year old stairs with out hand rails. From what I have heard from others the second floor is magical and Lisa of Bitchin' Kitsch 'n' Kitchen will now be selling her wears there so I know it must be good!

Special seasonal sales: Often not free, admission fees may apply.

The Manitoba Antique Association hosts large antique show and sales both in the fall and spring of each year in the city.  They offer two types of sales one smaller often held in a hotel conference room with around 80 vendors and large ones often held at the Assiniboine Downs with nearly 200 vendors. A quick look on their events page will show other sales in the city as well.

If you choose to attend the sales at the Downs beware they are very busy you almost can't walk sometimes it can make them unpleasant. Knowing what you are looking for helps wandering and window shopping does not really work out all to well at this show. These are dealers and don't usually let you haggle the price, items are at full retail so keep that in mind. The odd time you will find something priced great (hello ballon print pyrex for $6) so it is worth the trip.

If anybody else knows of vintage/used sales in the city (that aren't single owned retail shops) do let me know!


  1. Very cool post, dear gal, thank you for putting this together for us. I am convinced that I will make it to Winnipeg one day and have bookmarked this post to check back with when that happens - you never know, my visit could correspond to when one of these events is happening.

    Have a terrific week,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Though Sunday's antique auction in Vernon didn't have much in the way of what I sell, I did land two small lots and everything in them will appear on my Etsy shop's virtual shelves one day.

  2. this is so cool! i love the round up you did with this antique/flea markets.. all i knew was the one by the basement of the johnston terminal!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  3. This is a great round up! I would also think about including AAA Antiques on Osborne and Gertrude (the old Dutch Maid i Osborne Village). Even though it's a store they lease out sections to various sellers and have a flea market feel with a wide variety of vintage and antiques in a range of prices. Often if a seller if working (which happens) you can get a deal or you can leave your number with an offer. It's one of my favourite places to shop.


  4. Thanks Lisa!
    I had to google this and find out how missed another vintage shop but now it rings a bell I "know" this as the Osbourne Antique Mall. It is good to know it's real name, and yes if I can get there when it is open I love looking around in there!
    I also never knew it is was the one that moved from Portage Ave (which I always meant to go to but now know it is empty...)

  5. Thanks for this post! I wish something like this had existed a year ago!
    I went to the Mulvey one once, I think -- best things in the whole place were the 50s Playboy magazines. I used to live walking distance from AAA Consignment (which I also know as the Osborne Village Antique Mall) and I miss that place every day. The Johnston Terminal is an overpriced tourist trap, IMO. Doesn't This Old House Revival lease space to a variety of vendors as well, even though it's owned by a retailer? One may not think of their prices as deals or steals but trust me, by Montreal standards, they certainly are. Prices for almost everything here are ridiculous unless you get lucky at a thrift shop so I've resorted to sourcing almost exclusively online, which is also expensive with shipping and the exchange rate. Envious of you ladies; Manitoba is a gold mine if you know where to look and when!

    1. I still cannot believe we never crossed paths! Yes the Old House Revival has independent sellers in their shop I would love to be able to look around in there. I will add it in too even though I have never actually been able to shop in there!

    2. I didn't even think about the accessibility issue -- my bad -- but you're right, and it's really a shame that they don't modernize the place with some additions to enhance mobility! xx

  6. Winnipeg is am amazing treasure trove of vintage goodies!! Great post!