Wednesday, March 18, 2015

new winnipeg blogger: laura kasdorf

I will admit it I reply to the occasional kijiji ad, especially if it is a local fashion blogger looking for help re-designing their site. That is how I met Laura.  She is fairly new to blogging and is eager to try and make a living doing it. Anybody local running a blog gets a thumbs up in my books!
She wanted simple tweaks so I helped her out. This is what I did:

custom header: Since her blog is her name she wanted a simple text header, I played around with a monogram style LK for her to add a bit of interest, luckily she loved it!

custom social media buttons: she wanted larger than normal social media icons and in a simple color pallet to match her blog.

Overall I didn't have to do much, she wanted things simple. I take for granted I have photo editing programs and know about html so it is always good to take on small jobs and help a local gal out.

My personal portfolio is located here, I like to take on small projects so if you need help with your blog/site feel free to shoot me over an e-mail.


  1. omg! 2 discoveries: first, a new fashion blogger yay! and second, i didn't know you can do all these blog templates! so cool, daphne! :D

  2. That's very cool, Daphne! Thank you for introducing us to Laura and for the handy reminder that you're available for design work. It seems that with each passing year, I need more and more of it different areas of my work life.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. What a happy discovery to find your blog, Laura. I look forward to many fun visits.