Monday, March 23, 2015

vintage snap shots : buying for others

Last week I was able to find a few items for friends. I always to keep an eye out for items I know others like to collect. So here is what I found!

1930/40's lucite initial brooch:
I just happen to know a vintage loving gal who's name starts with an L ahem Lisa from butterflies and daisies vintage so I texted her to make sure that was something she would want (you never know she could have thought it was hideous) but she didn't so I picked it up for her.

a little lesson on authenticating vintage: 
Plastic jewelery can sometimes be hard to tell if it is early or modern. For this piece the first thing I looked at was the fastener. You can see in the second picture the pin extends past the catch this is a pretty good tell tale sign a pieces is older. In the late 1950's and beyond the pin for safety reasons never extends past the catch, the father out the pin the older the piece. Because this pin is out quite a bit you can date it to be late 30's early 40's to when lucite was invented and became popular in fashion. The fastener was also drilled into the piece not glued making being sure it was older easy.

I can't wait to hand it over to Lisa and she what she does with it.

My friends birthday is coming up, instead of giving her the same old same old (I pretty much buy her the same present every year...) I wanted to try and find something vintage that she was looking for. She mentioned wanting a vintage turquoise ring so I took on the challenge thinking it would be easy. As it turns out these are not easy to come by here in Winnipeg. I went to a vintage sale with about 100 jewelry vendors and found one, it wasn't quite right so I went to a local shop that never lets me down (vintage in the village) they had none so I checked out thristy's flea market where I found the above ring, phew!

I am pretty much the worst person to judge the size of something so fingers are crossed I didn't mail off something that doesn't fit....

I really enjoying finding things for others and Jessica if you are reading this I am sure I will be able to find something for you next:)


  1. love that L brooch!!! so fancy and personal!! :D great gift!

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. That elegantly pretty "L" brooch is breathtaking! I've wanted a "J" for years now. If you ever find one, dear gal, I'm calling first dibs on it! :)

    Have a fantastic Friday,
    ♥ Jessica