Saturday, April 11, 2015

bar keepers friend my experiences on cleaning pyrex

I bought the infamous bar keepers friend last summer from D.A. Niels and since have saved two holy grail items. Those items had slight metal marks and cleaned up so easily it was well worth the money.
This week I decided to be more daring and and try my luck cleaning up two more pieces that were I will admit horrendously overpriced for being so banged up the marks went allll the way around on both!

The yellow bowl as you can see by the picture was a lost cause it got better but it is not worth keeping to me and will be donated back nice and "cleaned"...

what happened to you?
The turquoise one (the only reason I bought the overpriced mix of a set) came out perfect!! so here is what I have learned.

I used the powder version where you pour a bit out mix with water to form a paste and scrub with a toothbrush. If others have tried the liquid version and have had great results do let me know!
  • Pieces that are glossy I have found clean up almost perfect.
  • Dull/slightly dishwasher damaged (DWD) are more of a gamble.
  • Bar keepers does not bring back any shine, use a light hand others warn it can dull a colored item. I however have not found this to be true.
  • I have found it doesn't clean off baked on grease as well as a magic eraser or a toothpick in the grooves.
Overall bar keepers works really well for metal marks left by utensils and oven rack marks. I have no clue what happened to these bowls all I know is that it cleaned up well. When in doubt if the piece is shiny and looks to be in good condition I would take a gamble again anything dull is not worth it in my opinion.


  1. that teal one turned out great!!! :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  2. What impressive results! The turquoise bowl looks nearly new. Wonderful restoration job!

    ♥ Jessica