Wednesday, April 22, 2015

last week in pictures

It seemed that at every thrift store I went too there were plastic canister sets be had! None of these tempted me but I am sure a set will come home with me one of these days.

I meet up with Sybil from animated confessions to check out the good will (social club) traders post. I always gush over Sybil's photography on her blog so it was fantastic to get a chance to meet up in person with her and see how her posts are put together. I won't say much about the traders post since she killed it in her round-up post! I also made an awkward cameo appearance in front of eclectica_mb  display.

Last week I tried my hand at posting some outfits snippets on my instagram account. If I were to make a mood board for spring it would be called "knitted metal" I could pretty much wear a sweater and some variation of patina aged metal everyday. These happen to be some of my favorite pieces right now.


  1. That green and white plastic canister set is sensational! I would have snapped it up (for myself) in a heartbeat, if the price was right. I love cheerful punches of colour like that in my kitchen.

    Your spring theme in great! I have an (unlisted thus far) c. 1930s brass kitty charm chain necklace and every time I see it, I think of you. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. sadly the green set had a few cracks or else it probably would have made it's way into my etsy shop! great to learn more about what vintage styles you like I will for sure be checking on the necklace when it is listed!

  2. those containers are amazing! I love thrift shopping for unique finds like that, but generally avoid value village because of the prices and ownership. MCC is my regular treasure trove ;)