Monday, April 20, 2015

loving lilac part 2

When the snow "had" melted so I jumped on the chance to pick up some new spring time scents. In continuation of a post I did last year focusing on my favorite scent lilac, here are some more options I have been using! All of them smell so different and unique I have not grown tired of it yet.

pacifica french lilac spray perfume:
I already own the candle scent of this so when my demeter perfume got low I picked this one up. It is very bright and summery a bit sweet and powdery. Inspired by lilacs and not 100% a single note perfume. When sprayed it comes on strong and fades down to a subtle scent that can last all day, so far I am really enjoying it. The only downfall if the perfume is not sold with a cap, I have no clue if that is necessary for perfume but it would not be travel friendly.

yves rocher purple lilac shower gel:
This smells very much like true lilacs however this body gel is very subtle. The bathroom does not smell of flowers after a shower and you must really be smelling your skin to notice the scent. That being said if you are looking for a subtlety scented bath product this one may be for you. I will obviously use up my bottle but I was hoping for a bit more. 

Luxe buy
lilac path by Aerin:
I am including this since many reviews say that the pacifica version is a dupe and yes I would say they are similar the Aerin one is very bright, sweet and also a fragrance blend. This is available at sephora  I don't own it since it is $125 a bottle but I do spray it on myself when I am in the store. If you like luxe perfumes and love lilac this may be an option for you!

If anybody knows of more lilac scented items so let me know.


  1. Try the bath & body care section of Winners! I always see lilac scented products there! I think my mom got some crabtree & evelyn ones :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. How lovely! There are certain scents that I will never, ever tire of smelling and that I could happily fill my whole word with around the clock. Lilacs are definitely one of those for me and should I ever (finally) have a garden or big enough yard, you can bet that I'll be planting some of my own.

    ♥ Jessica