Thursday, April 2, 2015

this week in pictures

This beat up and overpriced tooled leather purse was the only vintage thing I spotted on my thrift trips. The strap was broken too so the $20 price tag was quite a stretch. Hopefully next week brings me more options.

Fact: crushed up chocolate bars make your baking look gourmet. I used white chocolate kit kats to make this banana bread look like a "cake"

Local Winnipeg blogger Laura contacted me to let me know about her blog Lorze (not as a plug, but she figured I might like the alternative content) and yes I do love finding local blogs and I also love the caricature of her on the side bar! Laura post her own thoughts that aren't always mainstream I always appreciate people who write what they like. There is a bit of everything on her site. It is now added to my ever growing list of local bloggers on my sidebar.

How has the week gone for everybody else?


  1. Ahhhhhh, thank you so much, Daphne! I love the caricature too, it's by my friend Tiff (

    The week's been busy and the weekend's gonna be busy too - DJing tomorrow! :)

  2. Daphne!!! that cake looks amazing! you totally got me with White Chocolate Kitkat!! :D

    Have a great Easter weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  3. That is bonkers for a beat up tooled leather bag in a thrift store setting. I've run into much the same in recent years here out west, too, and there's no way I'd pay it unless the bag was super old and/or rare, and even then, I'd be leery of shelling out $20.00 for one in rather failing health, so to speak.

    Hopefully the thrift store powers that be will smile more favourably on you as the month progresses.

    Have a splendid Easter weekend!
    ♥ Jessica