Wednesday, May 20, 2015

beauty hits, mehs and misses pt 2

I did my last post in the beginning of February and since then I have tried out a few more new to me products so here is a look at what has been a hit and what I could have done with out! Keep in mind I rarely get sent PR samples most of my posts contain 99% of everything I buy but this batch of items includes one that will be marked with a *. Anything not linked is available at most local drugstores.

essence lipstick in coral calling (available at shoppers drug mart): I blame Estee on youtube for this purchase. It is a lovely lipstick and was only $2.99 so I am not too mad I got swayed by a video. It is a coral shade that leans more on the pink side and it not too neon or obnoxious. Not long lasting but it gets me through daily errands.

marvis whitening mint toothpaste*: Little known fact I love brushing my teeth and am picky about my toothpaste. When I got an offer to try out some new to me toothpaste from a company that offers unique mint flavours and cute vintage style packaging I couldn't say no.
I will personally purchase this toothpaste again it foams up so nicely and has the most unique mint flavour (it has a bit of spice to it) your breath feels fresh for a long time and I honestly haven't even looked at my old toothpaste since opening this.

somewhere right now between hit and meh (thinking of buying it again in another version...)
colab sheer dry shampoo: Estee is too blame for this purchase as well colab is a UK brand that I didn't know could be bought here, but it can if you look. What drew me to it was that is was a sheer dry shampoo I have been finding my beloved batiste making my hair way too powdery as of late. This dry shampoo does freshen your hair while being clear it is kinda magic... It doesn't make your hair look freshly washed but gets rid of the oily look pretty good! I am tempted to try the extreme volume version of this since the sheer one does leave your hair flat. I have found it doesn't give your hair that "stick" that other dry shampoos can.

philosophy the mircodelivery wash: When I tried this on my hand in sephora I was blown away at how soft my skin was I could not wait to use it on my face. But once I was home I found it wasn't that amazing and every time I use it I get more underwhelmed by it. I have had since January and am almost done my bottle it is not something I would re-purchase but it got used...

covergirl the super sizer: I personally know reading a bad review will not make you refrain from trying out a new mascara so I will offer a few tips on how not to hate this one. When using this if you are thinking to yourself "this is looking good I will do just one more swipe", do not do one more swipe! This mascara goes from good to scary fast it clumps and when you brush out your lashes it will flake. I have been using a base coat of this on my roots and finishing with another mascara it is not something I would repurchase.

herbal essences tea-lightfully clean: I will admit I may have unreal hair dreams. I want to be able to have second day hair.... I cannot my hair it too darn oily. This has tea tree in it which I do love so I thought this would be a hit. It however really dried out my hair and made it unpleasant right after being washed. I quickly stopped using it and now just use it to wash make-up brushes, it is good for that.

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  1. That has to be one of the loveliest tubes of toothpaste I've ever seen. I would buy it as a bathroom decor piece alone! :)

    ♥ Jessica