Monday, May 4, 2015

joe fresh matte sheer tint review

I have been tempted to try this product for over a year now...but in this day and age I also wanted to read an online review of it before I purchased it and I couldn't find one! So I decided to finally buy it a few months ago and here are my thoughts in case anybody else has been searching for a review. For the upcoming summer months the title sounds very tempting! Lets start with the title

matte: yes it has a matte finish but for my skin it did not keep it matte.
sheer tint: I found this to be medium coverage and do not use any concealer or foundation just this not 100% why "sheer" is in the name.

I bought the shade porcelain, it is light (but not too pale) and blends well does not oxidize or darken on the skin. Available at Superstores and Joe Fresh stores and retails for $14

  • good coverage
  • has a nice finish
  • mixes well with primers/lotions and other foundations 
  • long wearing (on oilier skin it will melt in some spots but coverage stays in most places)

I have been mixing this with lotion to give it a bit of a lighter feel on the skin. I have mixed it with other foundations and primers and have had no problem it blends and mixes very nicely. When I wash my face at night my soap is tinted so this lasts a full day which is a treat.

  • settles into larger pores
  • can cling to dry patches of skin
  • did not help to keep my skin matte
  • can feel heavy on its own
My skin is an odd combo of dry on my cheek with an oily forehead and larger pores by my nose. I always personally find it hard to find a product I can use all over my face this one sadly does settle in the pores near my nose making it a bit fussy for me. I have been using it for a few months so it is workable just not holy grail.

For my tastes I have found it to be not as low maintenance as I had hoped. I wish it helped my skin stay matte a bit better and that I didn't have to mix it with other products.

If any body has skin like mine and wants to recommend a foundation for me do share!


  1. i've been using my vichy foundation (from Shopper's) for years now. but at the same time, i don't use foundation all too often. i normally just stick with concealer (Mac).

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Thank you for this review. I'm sorry that it wasn't ideal for you. I find Joe Fresh's cosmetics to be hit and miss. Some I love and use often (liquid eyeliner and nail polish for example), others I didn't bother buying again. Their prices aren't too bad and the quality is usually average or better, so I don't mind experimenting, but if they jacked them up a lot, I'd probably only continue to use their liquid liner.

    ♥ Jessica